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  • Location

    US FBA Ocean Freight

    Service Introduction

    US FBA Ocean Freight is a direct express customer service independently developed by YunExpress according to the needs of global e-commerce business to the US. As a 3pl of Amazon FBA service, YunExpress provides Amazon sellers with cost-effective and traceable logistics transfer services to the US warehouses to help you obtain active and effective e-commerce fulfillment solutions. The FBA US Direct Line service of YunExpress sends goods directly to Los Angeles or New York. With rich customs clearance experience and perfect delivery system, it can realize efficient cross-border transportation. 

    Product Profile

    • Product Name

      US FBA Ocean Freight

    • Transportation Code


    • Cargo Type

      Package (transport with multiple packages, up to 120 packages per shipment)

    • Estimated Delivery Timeframe

      8-10 business days

    • Maximum Weight

      The gross weight of a single package shall be ≤22kg. Otherwise, it will charge 180RMB/package for the overweight package.

    • Package Dimension

      Longest side<121cm; second longest side <76cm; L+2*(W+H) <330cm

    • Freight by Weight

      Charged by the heavier one between the actual weight and the volume of the entire shipment in KG unit. (Calculation method of volume: L*W*H cm/6,000=KG)

    • Minimum Weight

      The minimum weight of each batch of goods shall not be less than 10kg. 10kg or less shall be calculated as 10kg.

    • Delivery Scope

      Amazon warehouse address in the United States, without remote areas (such as Alaska and Hawaii), overseas addresses (such as Puerto Rico and Guam), and APO / FPO military addresses.

    • Declaration Requirements

      The name and declared value of the goods shall be truthfully declared.

    • Return Service

      The return service from US to HK is not supported by FBA US Direct Line logistics service.

      The customer shall check and select the redelivery service within 15 days after being informed that the package is returned to overseas warehouses. The redelivery fee is the same as the first delivery.

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